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Connecting Emotion and Technique Through Vocal Training Lessons

Do you enjoy singing? It’s something we all do naturally. We may just sing to ourselves because we’re happy or we may sing to entertain others or even make singing our career. If you’re in the first

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7 Vocal Warm Up Exercises For Your Singing Practice Sessions

When you watch a top athlete preparing for an event you’ll notice they do a few stretching exercises before taking up their starting position. These have been specially designed to allow them to give

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9 Simple Singing Exercises To Warm Up Your Voice

When you enjoy singing – as an amateur or professional – you’ll find regular practice, including singing exercises, really pays dividends. Your technique and voice quality will improve and

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How to Train Your Voice – 2 Easy Exercises To Loosen You Up

If you enjoy singing you’ll probably have read by now about how to train your voice. There are lots of different exercises and techniques you can use to improve the quality of your voice but one of

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Where Are The Best Singing Lessons Online?

Would you like to learn to sing or to improve your singing? Whether you want to sing for pleasure or to become a professional, you’ll find that singing lessons online can really help you get started

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