How to Sing and Play Guitar With Ease

Learn how to sing and play guitar togetherHave you ever heard someone singing and accompanying themselves on guitar and thought you’d like to do it as well? Professional musicians make it look easy, but they understand some of the problems and how to overcome them. You too can learn how to sing and play guitar so they both sound superb!


What Skills Do I Need?

When you play guitar at the same time as singing, you’re applying two different rhythms to the song. Working with this can be quite a challenge as several techniques are involved. You need to:

  • Sing at the right pitch
  • Match the notes you’re playing on the guitar to the individual syllables of your song lyrics
  • Keep the two rhythms synchronized
  • Keep strumming your guitar in the correct time throughout the song

Plus, putting all this together needs good coordination skills. But don’t be put off. Take your time mastering the skills and you’ll soon learn how to sing and play guitar in perfect time and pitch.

Start With A Simple Song

Singing whilst playing guitar is a skill you can learnIt can be tempting to pick your favorite song and try to start strumming along but this doesn’t always lead to a great result. You’ll find that either your singing, or more likely your strumming, will suffer. However well you sing the song, you’ll find the guitar accompaniment has hardly any variation in it; you’re simply strumming along using the same few notes.

So to give yourself the best chance of a better sound, here are some tips on how to sing and play guitar at the same time:

  • Pick a song that you find easy to sing and that you can also play fairly well on the guitar: one which has a fairly simple beat and is well within your vocal capability.
  • You can listen to the song first and then sing along. This will help you absorb the timing and help when you come to blend the vocal and guitar rhythms.
  • Don’t try to sing the song and learn the guitar chords simultaneously. While you’re learning what your fingers should be doing on the guitar, just hum quietly.
  • Check out these tips on singing and playing guitarOnce your guitar playing becomes automatic, then start learning the lyrics and developing your vocal performance. You’ll find this is easier when you’re not trying to think of your fingering too and you’ll be surprised how quickly the song develops.
  • Watch your timing! The professionals know how to sing and play guitar so both sound good because they’re very aware of which syllables and words must be sung with which guitar notes. If your lyrics aren’t in sync with your playing, then the result won’t be what you wanted.
  • To avoid this potential problem, try and pick a song where the vocal and guitar rhythms are very similar.

Just take one verse of your chosen song at a time. Don’t move on until you feel really confident with the techniques involved. If you’ve chosen your first practice song well and followed the ideas above, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can move on and your confidence and enjoyment will increase.

Put Your Imagination to Work

A great way to increase confidence when singing is to imagine yourself singing the exact right notes at the correct pitch. You can use this technique as a way of learning how to sing and play guitar together. Hear the song in your head while thinking about the guitar chords before you sing or play a note.

Singing whilst playing guitar is like any musical skill – regular practice really does help and you’ll soon be impressing yourself and your friends with your own interpretations of some classic songs.

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