How to Train Your Voice – 2 Easy Exercises To Loosen You Up

How to train your voice - try out these 2 simple exercises to loosen things upIf you enjoy singing you’ll probably have read by now about how to train your voice. There are lots of different exercises and techniques you can use to improve the quality of your voice but one of the most fundamental things you can work on is how to breathe correctly as you sing.

It may seem confusing to start learning about how to train your voice by first learning about breathing. After all, we have to breathe all the time already. It’s automatic, isn’t it? But the way you need to breathe in order to support your voice as you sing is very different from just breathing to stay alive.

You need to control the way your breath enters your body, moves inside it, and the rate at which it’s expelled. You also need to learn how to hold long notes without running out of breath or sounding breathless.

When you start learning how to train your voice, you’ll find that the rate at which you release air from your lungs varies with each song. When you’re talking, you breathe automatically and it doesn’t much matter when you exhale.

But when you’re singing, you need to coordinate out breaths with the song lyrics without straining, or breathing in unnatural places and spoiling the flow of the song. Learning about and practicing breath control will help you keep your breathing in sync with the lyrics and make your singing sound more natural.

Training your voice takes regular practice so you can confidently sing in public

The rate at which you breathe out for singing is controlled by the muscles in your abdomen so it’s good to practice exercises that target and strengthen them. Here are two simple exercises which will really help with developing breath control as you learn how to train your voice.

How to Train Your Voice to Sing – Exercise 1

  • Stand in a good, upright position
  • Have your feet firmly placed shoulder width apart
  • Move both arms until they are extended in front of your body
  • Turn your hands over until the palms are facing the floor
  • Take a deep breath in for a count of three to four seconds
  • Now hold that breath, again for three to four seconds
  • Finally, exhale for a count of three to four seconds

As you become familiar with this exercise, try and lengthen both your ‘in’ and ‘out’ breaths beyond four seconds. This will help you develop better breath control and also increase the capacity of your lungs.

How to Train Your Voice to Sing – Exercise 2

  • Stand in a strong, upright position
  • Have your feet firmly placed shoulder width apart
  • Take a deep breath in
  • Now breathe out while producing a “hiss” sound – make this out breath last as long as you can

In this exercise you are developing the ability to expel air steadily. This is an important voice trainer, as you need to keep the lyrics flowing smoothly when you’re singing. You need to avoid punctuating your singing with gasps for air, or pausing in unnatural places, and you also want to smoothly slide from one pitch to another.

As you learn how to train your voice, regular repetition of these exercises will really help you and they will soon become automatic, as will having sufficient breath to be able to hold long notes. Make sure that you don’t hold any tension as you work on your breath.

Work hard on learning to breathe for singing and you’ll sing a great song every time!

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