Where Are The Best Singing Lessons Online?

Use singing lessons online to get started on the road to discovering your voiceWould you like to learn to sing or to improve your singing? Whether you want to sing for pleasure or to become a professional, you’ll find that singing lessons online can really help you get started on your journey.

If you can’t find a singing teacher, or don’t think you can afford regular lessons, why not think about taking some singing lessons online? There’s a great choice of available singing courses and you can match a course with your own singing goals. That way you’ll get the best you can out of the learning experience.

Finding the Right Singing Lessons Online

First of all, decide on the kind of songs you want to sing and where you would like to be singing: will you need to use a microphone, for example? There’s quite a difference between singing as part of a church choir, in a musical production in the theatre, and singing solo in a club, for example.

Want to sing at a party? Try out some lessons first!These are important questions, as not all courses teach voice projection. Even if you’ll usually be using a microphone, you should still learn to project your voice.

If you’re just wanting to sing for pleasure, you’ll probably be most interested in techniques to help you improve your vocal range. But if you also want to perform, look for singing lessons online which focus on performance skills like stage presence, how to engage with an audience, and how to add emotion to your vocals.

Do your research before you sign up for a course. You might not want to wade through sessions on the history of music or in-depth music theory before you get to the  singing, if that doesn’t interest you.

What to Look For in a Singing Course

Good online courses will have plenty of audio files alongside written material. Some of them will also give you individual help via email from the course creators. Look at Singorama and Singing Made Simple, for example.

To begin with, a good course will help you:

  • Find out how your voice works
  • Practice exercises to develop the basic posture and breathing you need to support your voice as you sing
  • Learn exercises to warm up your voice, which you’ll need to do every time you sing, whether performing or practicing

The Singorama singing course is one of the best online courses you'll find for learning how to singIt’s tempting to skip this stuff – with singing lessons online there’s no one to make you do it. But, as with athletes, good preparation is vital. Persevere and you’ll definitely hear the benefits.

One of the downsides of online singing lessons is that you don’t get instant feedback from a teacher, or suggestions for alternatives if a specific practice isn’t working for you. These would be available to you if you decided to take private singing lessons.

Becoming a Better Singer

Listening to a recording of yourself singing will mean that you’ll have something to compare with the course’s audio. Don’t just rely on singing to yourself: hearing your voice through your head, rather than through the air as another person hears it, will always give you a false impression of what you actually sound like.

As you gain confidence, ask a trusted friend to listen to your singing. Get them to comment honestly on your singing. Being honest with yourself and getting reliable feedback will really help you improve your singing and grow in confidence.

Try and set yourself some specific regular practice times. Without this kind of structure, you may find you’re not putting in the hours you need if you’re serious about improving through singing voice lessons. If you actually enter your practice times into a diary or set up reminders on an online organizer, you’ll be more likely to stick to them.

Singing lessons online can be great fun and a truly cost-effective way of learning to sing. Do some research, find the course that best fits your needs, practice, improve, and enjoy!

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