Simple Singing Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Voice

Discover simple singing tips for your voiceHowever much you enjoy singing, if you’ve been doing it for some time you might begin to feel a little demotivated from time to time. If you do, then following some simple singing tips could be just what you need to help renew your love of singing and boost your performance levels.

One of the most useful singing tips is to have a singing lesson with a professional teacher. Here’s why: getting an objective assessment of your technique will help you identify and correct any bad habits you’ve slipped into. These could be to do with posture, breath control or calice production. A lesson will really help with any of these issues. Teachers, as well as professionals, all benefit from having fresh singing lessons.

What are the Best Singing Tips to Use?

Singing tips are varied and so should your singing be if you want to stay enthusiastic! Maybe you’ve always sung the same kind of song or used the same type of vocal exercises? Well give yourself and your voice a break. Find an old song you loved years ago or sing your own version of a current classic. If you usually sing up-tempo songs, try a ballad. You’ll feel re-energized when you get back to your usual repertoire or you might even find a totally new vocal direction.

One of the most important vocal tips is to keep checking the basics. Every time you get ready to sing – wherever you are and whatever the song –

  • Check for unnecessary tension, particularly around your neck and face
  • Make sure your posture is correct
  • Revise your breathing technique so you’ll have adequate breath control to support your voice

Using free singing tips can really improve your vocal performance

However many singing tips and tricks you follow, you’ll only get the best results if you’re relaxed. Always do a relaxation exercise before singing. Try this one:

Using free singing tips can really improve your vocal performance

Using free singing tips can really improve your vocal performance

  • Move your feet hip-width apart
  • Bend forward from your hips
  • Let your upper body, arms and head flop over loosely (think of the way a rag doll falls forward)
  • Gently shake your head and arms
  • Return to the floppy position
  • Repeat a couple of times

This is a great, fast tension buster.

Ring the Changes

To keep your body in the best condition for singing, take regular exercise. Just a local walk will help, and always try to use the stairs rather than the elevator if you can. If you’re in a hotel, use the spa facility for a pamper session or a massage, or just chill out with a book. Your voice will benefit from this relaxation every bit as much as your body will.

Organizing a jam session with your musical friends is one of the singing tips that helps to keep things fun and fresh. Maybe arrange to meet up with people you’ve not sung or played with for some time and revisit old songs and old memories. You’ll all feel the benefit and as you find out where your music has taken each of you, you might be able to add some new songs to your repertoire too.

Just as pianos are regularly tuned and guitars restrung, so your body (which is the instrument that produces your voice) needs regular tuning too. Follow these free singing tips, pick out some new songs to work on, and remember what your singing teacher told you during your ‘tune-up’ session: you’ll soon be enjoying singing more than ever.

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